Carlson Screed Accessories


Carlson Longitudinal Joint Density Attachments

The Carlson Sideload Endgate Attachment, as part of the V3 Endgate Platform, and 4″ High Density Bolt-on quickly and easily attaches to Carlson’s highway class screeds to help contractors gain density figures at the longitudinal joint. Using heavy duty components and state-of-the-art heating elements, the Sideload Endgate Attachment and 4″ Bolt-on work in unison to give contractors high performance and improved density figures season after paving season.



Carlson Safety Edge

The patented Carlson Safety Edge end gate’s revolutionary design allows for changes on the fly from the thirty degree edge to flat without any added equipment and only a few turns of a handle. The beveled design of the safety edge is heated and extrudes the material for a higher density edge.



LED Blade Light

The Carlson blade light is as bright as a 2000 watt halogen yet requires 70% less power. With its blade like design it is less distracting to traffic, providing safer conditions during night paving. Its safer design combined with its ability to run without heating up, it makes it one of the safest and brightest lights on the market.



Tapered Notch and Heavy Sled

The tapered notch allows you to step down up to two and a half inches, and taper your edge. Followed up by an optional vibrating sled the tapered notch creates longer lasting joint.



Heated End Gate

Having Heated End Gates improves longitudinal joint quality by reducing thermal segregation. It reduces shadowing, tearing and scabbing by limiting cold spots.



Power Tunnel Kit

Designed for almost every brand of paver the Carlson power tunnel extends to create a longer auger box, and reduce load forces against screed.



Bolt on Segments

Bolt on segments allow for wide width paving of up to 26 feet on a EZIV 1019. Available in 12”, 18” and 24” bolt on segments can be purchased for the right or left side, with or without heat.